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1. I see the airplane land.

2. Did you see who it was?

3. It is too dark to see to read.

4. I see her sleeping on the bench.

5. I see that she is crying.

6. I see her leave.

7. He is seen entering the house.

8. What can you see?

9. Have you seen John?

10. Can I see your ticket, please?

11. I see the picture in the newspaper.

12. I see the marks on his neck.

13. He crouches down so he can not be seen.

14. I see her cross the street.

15. I see her crossing the street.

16. I saw a movie last night.

17. Have you seen that movie? 

18. I go to see a basketball game.

19. See what times it is.

20. She sees me through my illness.

21. I see him to the door.

22. She sees me across the road.

23. I get John to see her home.

24. He comes to see me off at the airport.

25. Let me see you to the door.

26. I see her home.

27. I see much of him.

28. I am so hungry and I am seeing double.

29. I see a doctor.

30. I have to see my teacher about my grades.

31. Is she seeing anyone?

32. See you later!

33. See you around.

34. See you Friday.

35. I'll be seeing him tomorrow night.

36. I am seeing him on Saturday.

37. We see each other a couple of times a month.

38. Plug it in and see if the machine is working.

39. See the sentence, page 20.

40. I can't see her suffer that way.

41. It goes in the blue box. Oh! I see. 

42. Go and see for yourself.                                     

43. See, the truck is coming.                       

44. Let me see.

45. I'll see about it.

46. See here!

47. I see through the open door.

48. I can see through your lies.

49. From the tower, I can see for miles.

50. She can't see a thing without her glasses.

51. He goes out to see what is happening.

52. I can't seewhy she is so upset.

53. I see what you mean.      

54. Do you see the point I am making?

55. He can't see the joke.

56. We are going to see 'Romeo and Juliet' the day after tomorrow.

57. He makes her see red.

58. We don't see eye to eye on the plan. 

59. I dont see eye to eye with my mother.

60. I saw this coming.

61. It takes 5 hours to see the project through.

62. I have my tooth seen to by a dentist.

63. This year has seen a 5% increase in prices.

64. The jacket  has seen better days.

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